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It is widely published that Britons are rushing to retire abroad ahead of Brexit, with some aiming to move by October so they have six months to settle into their new countries before the UK leaves the EU. With the number of expat inquiries rising since the referendum two years ago.

There appears to be several reasons for the exodus, which has also been noted by ourselves at Alta Villas.

Some people, it seems, had always intended to move to the Continent but have brought forward their plans so they can easily obtain a residency card before March 29, 2019. Others are moving in protest at the referendum result or because of the growing tax burden in the UK — which could grow further after Theresa May confirmed taxes would need to go up to pay for a proposed £20bn NHS boost.

“The majority of clients we have spoken to were planning to move in any case — they perhaps already own a holiday property abroad and have experienced the benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle or are sorting out their finances to make the move as soon as possible,”

“An enormous amount of people told us they now want to move by October. This seems the optimum time. They can start the process of obtaining residency cards in time for May 2019. In doing so will meet the requirements prior to Brexit and benefit from entering into the new system sooner rather than later [rather than having to meet any new residency requirements for expats].” Jo Dampier, sales consultant at Alta Villas.

If you would like anymore infomation regarding becoming a resident in Spain speak to one of our friendly team at: office@altavillas.com




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